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The 17 Best Gambling Books Money Can Buy in

Bob Dancer is a world-famous video Poker master with proven results at video Poker machines around the world. This book discussed many aspects of betting on spots, and covers a variety of different wagering methods. Search for a book to add a reference. The blackjack basic strategy is way off, for example advising always splitting twos and threes.

It is all about the legality of advantage play, and what what happens when casino security guards confuse advantage play for cheating. The characters, the intrigues, and the huge bankrolls make this one of the best gambling novels on the market.

On this book, the author turns the tables on the house with his systematic explanation of the point system that has countlessly been used by players to win. Many of the other articles are rather esoteric in nature, and are extremely math heavy. Most Wished For in Gambling. Brian Rouff, a man who has lived in Las Vegas for several decades, recently came out with yet another engaging book.

Scarne s Complete Guide to Gambling

The 17 Best Gambling Books Money Can Buy in 2019

By Mike Shackleford The author of this gambling book attempts successfully to share strategies to be better at all Casino games. This book was written by a former casino surveillance operator.

If you are among those who believe in the power of calculations and you are not afraid of numbers, you'll love Shackelford's gambling theories. This page book is comprised of academic-level articles on a host of gambling topics.

Definitely one of the better books in its class. This is a list of the best gambling books of all-time. In some of the driest parts, just as your eyes are starting to glaze over, Grosjean surprises you with some very witty humor, often in the footnotes.

This is the most comprehensive narrative of the history of gambling ever written. This is the kind of gambling book you need to really understand how it is to wake up every morning and have your destiny depends on your results at the table.

Selected pages Title Page. This book isn't just a great source of in-depth knowledge of all things gambling, it also looks cool. Beat the House by Frederick Lembeck If you want a book on nothing but betting systems this would be a good choice. Gambling by Michael Shackleford. The purpose of this page is to provide you with a list of recommended casino gambling books.

Unfortunately too much of the advice is wrong for me to award the book with a star. Some of it very esoteric, like how to count the Royal Match side bet, which even the author admits is a weak advantage play. The book starts with an explanation of what the role of surveillance is, and isn't, in a casino.

Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling is an excellent book for beginners who are looking for a guide to online and live Casino gambling. The social costs of gambling.

If this book were for you, chances are that you already have it. Not the old recycled ones.

They have been chosen by our editorial team to help you become that professional gambler you always wanted to be and to give you higher chances to beat the Casinos. Which you are supposed to know but never use, of course. It is a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in how gambling has evolved over time.

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Recommended Casino Gambling Books

Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game

Telling Lies and Getting Paid. Game by game the author explains the rules and protocol, identifies the best and worst bets, and gives advice on how to cut down the house edge as much as possible. Some of them were great, some were only good, and some were downright awful. Miscellaneous social cost issues. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, gamblers range from fleas to whales.

How to Vote To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. Comped is all about the life of Richie V. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Please refer to the review pages for the latest bonuses and promotions available. However the strategy advice is so often incorrect that those parts should be ignored entirely. The Economics of Casino Gambling is a comprehensive discussion of the social and economic costs and benefits of legalized gambling. He has written a number of other gambling related books too, including the next one in this list. As governments try to cope with fiscal pressures, legalized casinos offer a possible source of additional tax revenue.

Casino Gambling For Dummies. However, this is also far more than just a guide for beginners. This is the story of the corporate casino world, as two gambling entrepreneurs compete against each other over the construction of a new super-casino. This book offers plenty of advice to those seeking to profit from online casino bonus incentives.

For the gambler with some experience who just wants to cut down the house edge I would recommend this one over all others. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Author and attorney Bob Nersesian is a hero of mine in the world of gambling. It's exciting, it's full of thrilling adventures, and it's a non-stop sequence of adrenaline-pumping moments that only the real high rollers will ever get to experience.

If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. Eadington This book is a collection of academic papers covering a host of gambling topics.

Also, the many anecdotal accounts of real and fictional events included in this gambling book make it a fun and easy read, no deposit casino tournaments too. Secrets of the New Casino Games by Marten Jensen This is a very good idea for a book covering games difficult to find in most other books.

The 17 Best Gambling Books Money Can Buy in 2019

Read our full review of The House Always Wins here. If you have ever wondered what goes through the mind of a high stakes gambler, you need this book in your library. The story of the Chicago nun who regularly beats the bookies alone makes this book worth reading. Spam or Self-Promotional The list is spam or self-promotional.