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Marines move to stop recruitment via Bumble other dating apps

Seeing shit like this, Army trying to market to gamers, stupid posters, etc. If you have a fascination with brass buttons and salad, matchmaking special married at first I can understand. This respect is lessened by the failure to observe niceties of military courtesy and other traditions and customs. As long as he is not married.

We met on a online dating site, Sad I know but true. Marines are all about professionalism, which is the opposite of dating a recruit's mother. Dating can lead to marriage.

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In it was way easier than now. Once the marital knot has been tied, almost any and every base has a spouse support group. It comes easy for some women while it breaks others. Follow up from my previous post.

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The tearful partings, extended separations, passionate returns. The key issue is whether a relationship has developed in which mutual respect of grade is ignored. Oh yea the tag chasers, thank you for this! Can I date my sons marine recruiter? He is not going to swoop in, in uniform no less, and save you from your dreary life!

She cared about him, took care of him when he was ill, sent him a new phone, did anything to help him when he asked. Some grow up fast, others do not and never will. If you develop a relationship with someone in the military, as soon as they get papers to leave deployment? It may seem awkward at first to your son, but as long as he's ok with it, you really can't go wrong in this supposed future relationship with him.

It's weird how nco's fear change. The threat to discipline and order need not be perceived by the parties involved in the fraternization. It's hard to recruit for the branch that has the same tangible benefits, but is a much more difficult life with tougher standards. Wishing to go overseas with your spouse?

They are dressed in funny clothes, do stupid things, drink far to much, curse as bad or worse than sailors. How long are usually work hours? Now, you have your Marine. There are some extremely good guys in the Corps, but there are also extremely good guys who are not in the military at all, just like there are douchebags everywhere. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Is there an appearance of partiality? Like I said elsewhere, it depends on area and what's going on. Why does he keep coming around, calling her texting her.

  1. Or maybe it worked but your son was disgusted and decided to decline enlistment wanting a new recruiter but never trusting another one.
  2. You, your toddler, and husband move across the ocean.
  3. However, it is not like the movies.
  4. Yeah, there are definite perks to being a military spouse.
  5. Her mom almost always worked as a nurse.

Anyhow, I just wanted to point out that the Marine Corps will always come first. You are going to mainland Japan for training for a month! The line between acceptable conduct and fraternization will not be crossed unless the senior allows it to happen. You are stuck at home with a toddler all day with no one to help you. Sure, the homecoming is nice, but I bet any wife you ask would rather have her husband home than to be worrying about what could happen.

People are using Tinder to recruit now Military

Eh, wasn't it the Marine Corps that didn't really have recruiting issues in the mids when the Army was having all sorts of problems filling slots? She was hopeful that they would get back together when he got back. Military court decisions and the Manual for Courts-martial make clear that fraternization can occur between enlisted Marines. We had him for dinner a few times and we went out as a group once or twice and then poof!

Why the fuck did he make his profile male? The unquestioned obedience mandated in time of battle rests on regard and respect for authority. Don't play with my feelings like that. It's not unethical at all. We have free healthcare which means we have babies for free.

There were several mothers I wouldve loved to date. Talk about going above and beyond. So people are pre-judging because my name is bigplayer on a website?

Just click the up arrow twice. Like Kara, my wife is from a middle of no where are south of her home town. Your email address will not be published. My uncle served as a British subject, too. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, exchange numbers online and directly support Reddit.

It is enough that the ill effects could be perceived by a reasonably prudent Marine experienced in military leadership. What is the average time from walking into the Marine Corps recruiter and getting a leave date for Boot Camp? General officers Field grade officers Company grade officers to include warrant officers Staff noncommissioned officers Noncommissioned officers Junior enlisted Marines. His enlistment could be compromised if you were to hook up with that recruiter.

Odd - perhaps on a temprorary basis but he'll be out from under this person's watch eventually. Life is not like Army Wives. Your husband gets orders for, lets say Okinawa. So yes I would like some advice.

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But, being a teenager myself, I know that sometimes we may agree to do something that we find uncomfortable, because we know that it'll make our parents happy. If you are so desperate to get recruits, let some of us foreigners join. Turns out instead, I just got fucked. It stuck because I don't like having different usernames.

Being a former Recruiter, I know how you feel. She just got this dope under her skin and he toys with her. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These guys normally know months in advance that they will deploy. So if a individual is a jerk before they go in, how to know if chances are they are going to be a jerk while they are in.

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  • Everything you said is so true.
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  • Hope to hear back from you soon!
  • God forbid I ask a completely neutral question.
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