Dating vintage lamps, how to determine the year a table lamp was manufactured

Vintage and Antique Lamps

Old joints that are fused, not glued, do not fluoresce at the base-font joint. Items you will need Reference books. The long bolts generally used in new hardware are threaded their entire length Fig. Search for manufacturing clues on the lampshade, if the lamp has one. New finger lamp in Petal and Rib pattern, right.

But every new joint fluoresces brightly in black light Fig. Don't be fooled by elaborate new hardware such as you might find in larger lamps like the new Cathedral lamp in Fig. Can You Reuse Wall Anchors?

Original nuts are square, new are hexagonal. Damages don't totally discount the worth of a rare lamp, gmx online dating but the problems do reduce the value. Many of the new lamps are being produced in colors and color combinations not originally made.

Collectible vintage lamps provide function and a source of cash when sold. Some vintage lamps appear to be made from copper metal, but instead are made from a substitute painted to look like copper metal. Fortune Gallery of Vintage Collectibles.

  • Vintage glass kerosene lamps were fused together when the glass was hot.
  • Font-to-Base Joints The easiest first test to catch new glass lamps is to simply expose them to black light.
  • The old bolts are set solid in the plaster and do not move.

Kerosene Glass Lamps - Separating New from Old

Ann Marie's Antique Dolls. The vast majority of all new glass lamp fonts and bases are glued together. Look at the type of damage to determine if repairs are possible. All the pressed glass lamps we purchased for this article, which came from several sources, were glued.

How Do You Identify Antique Lamps

How Do You Identify Antique Lamps

These larger pegs were packed in plaster under a metal connector to join old fonts to old bases. The hardware joining the base and font looks complicated but it is just another form of a glued joint. Packing plaster around the peg held the old font in the old metal connector. The Sweetheart lamp is available in many colors. Pure acetone has no effect on the modern glue.

Don't assume because it's old that it's valuable. Warning Don't throw away old bulbs, finials or lamp shades attached to your lamp. Note all clues for your research. Don't assume, however, that the base and shade came as a pair. All these new lamps are glued together at the base and font.

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Hardware Another clue to age is the metal hardware. Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the value. David Lesurf Antiques and Art. Finials made from semi-precious stones or ivory offer a huge clue that your lamp has value.

Increasing numbers of new glass kerosene lamps have been coming on the market. This includes everything from small finger-lamps to multicolored banquet lamps. New lamps continue to be made overseas as well as here in America. Inspect each part of the lamp carefully before making any decisions about value. Scratch the underside of the lamp surface in a hidden place with a fingernail or screwdriver tip to figure out the material used to make the lamp.

Kerosene Glass Lamps - Separating New from Old Increasing numbers of new glass kerosene lamps have been coming on the market. The light colored band is glue. Of course restored and repaired old lamps may have new hardware.

Antique Lamp Identification at The Antique Lamp Co

Antique and Vintage Table Lamps

Another clue to new metal hardware is wide or empty spaces between the metal and the glass. Examine any switches or metal pulls for manufacturing clues. Old Fancy Glass and Collectibles. Most new bolts are loose within the metal plate Fig.

Finials are the knob that hold shades to the lamp base. Examine the interior of the bulb socket and the plug for any marking clues. What Things Are Appraised on a Home? When the lamp comes from a family member, ask for details about the geographic region where the lamp was purchased and how long the family member used the lamp.

Antique and Vintage Table Lamps
How Do You Identify Antique Lamps
How to Tell if You Have a Lamp That s Worth Money

How to Determine the Year a Table Lamp Was Manufactured

So far we have not been able to find an old example. More Articles You'll Love. It is currently offered in clear and pink but may have been made in additional colors. With rare exceptions, all old metal hardware is mounted or joined to the glass with plaster.

How to Tell if You Have a Lamp That s Worth Money - Budgeting Money

It might not meet the traditional definition of years old to claim status as an antique, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a fortune as a collectible. Look for manufacturing labels and company embossed stamps and raised imprints on the lamp. The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. If an original was only made in clear, any colored examples would obviously be highly suspect. These details help give important clues about the lamp's manufacturer and the age.

How Do You Identify Antique Lamps

Nearly all the old bolts are packed in plaster so they don't move. Examine the overall condition of the lamp. Keep in mind, however, that old hardware can be put on new lamps.

Kerosene Glass Lamps - Separating New from Old

How to Determine the Year a Table Lamp Was Manufactured

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  2. Collars in both new lamps are glued.
  3. The easiest first test to catch new glass lamps is to simply expose them to black light.
  4. This glue also fluoresces brightly under long wave black light.
  5. Research online and in print lamp guides and reference books using the information you've collected from your investigation of your lamp.

The same is true of modern lighting. By contrast, almost all new metal hardware is glued. The markings on these might be the only clue to the lamp maker. Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. Look at the wiring as a clue to the age and the lamp's maker.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning. The base and font of the new lamps in Figs. Chris's Watches and Antiques. Copperton Lane Antiques and Collectibles.

Tip Investigate the trail of ownership of the lamp. New bolts, left, connecting new hardware are threaded the entire length. Under black light, some glue showed green-yellow but most was blue-white. Both styles of new lamps are glued at the base and font. What the hardware is made of isn't as important as how it's fastened to the glass.

Vintage and Antique Lamps

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