Signing and dating paintings, why i created this website

Digital watermarking Finally there's the issue of watermarking an image to prevent cyber misuse. It is a matter of vanity that the artist must distract the viewer from the work with their own ego. The distinction between art and imaging is now so blurred that only experts can tell the difference. He wanted me to buy them back from him. It adds a lot to the final piece.

Usually, it is just scratched in the paint surface, blending in with the textures. Believe me, if a person had a painting hanging in a house for ten years, the title of the painting usually is forgotten, also they might need to know the medium and laquor type at some later date. Does the digital then have to be destroyed? And don't think that just because you're known in certain circles or even nationally or internationally for that matter that your art is safe forever.

Signing and dating paintings
Signing and dating paintings

If it hasn't sold before, something must be wrong with it. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. Incidentally, putting them on the roof of the car and taking them to the dump was a euphemism.

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As a side point, I have done a reasonable amount of restoration work. Take your time and get it right. His studio was a converted barn and high on one wall, unmatted and unframed, hung a beautiful nude executed in charcoal. The idea of putting my name on it, on the front of it, just feels silly. But as good as that database is, metalcore dating it's far from comprehensive.

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Even as technologies progress, between each transition is a period where you can transpose your older works into the newer formats of archiving. But, so far that has not happened. If I found the correct gallery to act as a master distributor, I might change these practices and take down my website or better yet have the gallery be the only contact on the website. One other useful way of indicating that a painting is a diptych or triptych or some larger number - you too could become another David Hockney one day!

This seems to come automatically from the balance of the mind, and who knows, perhaps the universe. Easy and not much time involved if you do it one at a time as you paint them. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Signing and dating paintings


Ten years ago I came up with a unique way of dating my paintings. On the other hand, works from specific trips, time sensitive projects, and those that are going right out the door, can profit from dating. Coming from a photographic background, the dating aspect has a whole different and iconic meaning for my genre. Actually it might be one of my best paintings that has been hanging in my own home or something. My earlier paintings are dated, but I no longer do this for the reasons you, Robert, gave above.

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Signing and dating paintings

Even a painter wants digital artifacts of their work to be held within the estate for as long as protections by law are available. My name is Rory Hejtmanek and my business name is Rory Photography. Unless the individuals can remember I painted those artworks, or they wrote my name on the back themselves, I will forever be forgotten as the artist. Sometimes I paint a quick sketch on back of painting.

It usually means you are also a fully paid up member in good standing as well. Pots usually get stamped on the bottom or a handle attachment. Many painters including J. We as Artists should express ourselves against this corruption of all traditional art forms. It tells me that I have made the best work I can.

Signing and dating paintings
Signing and dating paintings
  1. Artists as Illustrators This book focuses on artists as illustrators.
  2. Wayward works of art by famous artists are rediscovered all the time, and do you know the main reason why?
  3. And you certainly won't be around for all eternity to vouch for it.
  4. The fact is dates are more important to artwork in the auction market where they help with validation.

It can be as big as you like. The convention to maintain the distinction between hand-pulled fine art prints and prints which are mechanical reproductions is that. Good creative writing uses imagery. Do you think it is a good idea to include the time that the print, painting, drawing, etc. What, dating another thread on this subject?

Why I created this website

Would this sort of thing be a bad idea? Also, if it is in a bank window in February, usually I can track it down with the codes. Is this the only profession where people feel they are feigning genuine interest by asking you how much money you make? This was a very interesting and intriguing lens to read.

Signing and dating paintings
Signing and dating paintings

Click pic for entire review. Look at art history, see what others have done before our times, when commerce and all the nonsense that comes with it leans heavily on artists. Would there be any reason to include the date?

Sheesh, how could anybody fail to do something that will make their work worth more? What, when, where, why and how may be of interest to latter-day students and researchers. Click pic for info and a link. Should I attach a label like one finds in clothes?

  • Still it is a daunting dilemma to face with all certainty.
  • Recent I'm having a great year of exhibitions and catalogs.
  • Was he trying to pretend he painted it?
  • This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center.
  • Also, is it inappropriate to use a title more than once?

Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. That is how people who have not heard of me find out about me right across the world. Well, it was very refreshing and a real benefit. Much to my shock and embarrassment those same drawings showed up at a dealer who said he bought them at a flea market. Will it still look good sideways or even upside down?

Not even art by the most famous artists in the world is identifiable by everyone. Don't experiment on a finished work! Nothing worse than an orphan tych of a diptych or a triptych that wanders the world unknown.

You can make out her surname at the bottom center, list recuperation between the figure and the fence. Make sure you use one that is lightfast! The gallery and the buyer can then have this information if needed but it will not be on the painting.

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We live in Florida and will travel as far as needed in order to do this. If they ask for the name, they will hear it correctly and will keep on pronouncing it correctly. However, dating gay nowhere are they dated.

Again, make it easy on the authenticators and experts to conclusively determine your art is by you. Thankfully, Norgate is rare, so the one name suffices. If the image appears elsewhere on the web under your artist profile, others may find out who completed it by using Google image search. There are many who compulsively need to know about the money.

Earlier work is often the most desirable and expensive, though not always. It takes less time not to date the work, then having to erase it later after shipping it back and forth several times. To provide a better website experience, hubpages. These days there may be pen brushes that that have a reservoir for acrylic ink.

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