Sm artists dating each other, netizens list the differences between the big 3 agencies sm yg jyp

Why aren t Kpop stars not allowed to date

Kpop Question about contract? Is this really enough proof for you all to feed off of? Why does he have to repeat two, three times. No matter how people still find the time to hate on them, they are still brave to still find the strenght to smile when behind the scene, they must be crying.

How can she not know such simple fact when she clearly knows a lot? If u read carefully, dating websites u will realise that points are always repeated. He loves to make jokes backstage and laughing.

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But one thing is real right now that tiffany dating nickhun. Or are they still secretly seeing eachothers? Artist contracts were subsequently reduced by a length of three years, and there was a reduction in the penalties for breach-of-contract violations. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The other interesting thing is she said mostly idols are not good friends hating is a strong word with other, specially between big idol groups.

That illness is so so so so so contagious. It is almost like slavery. Obviously Yong Hwa had a crush on Seo Hyun. Did she say anything about ChunJae or Yoosu? Have you not heard that everything on the internet is not always true?

  1. Some might be off the mark but most of it actually make a lot of sense so, might as well face it.
  2. And yes, he and Kahi was dating.
  3. Even fans mostly shipping the pairing within the group which the company use it to make a bigger fan base or atleast keep the current fan base.
  4. Welcome to the Kpop world.
  5. Answer Questions Travelling abroad and keeping touch with friends?
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Minho is always been ignorant. She said during the Thailand Hallyu concert is it the name? Please Be More Clear Reply. The fandoms, the sales, the records, international fans, sucesses in Japan. Daesung, before the accident, dating laws new is a very bright and fun person.

Onew is always hard to approach but not as hard as now. Let me just answer it here so no one will ask it again. Email required Address never made public. Reading this makes me want to laugh so fucking hard. Or hidden microphone maybe?

K-POP Rumors

The rivalry in Korea is no joke, specially among men. Maybe because he has too much swag in him. Not in a term of a stable relationship but like going out together. This was some interesting reading though mostly unbelievable.

There is always someone waiting to step up in the spotlight when one falls. My friend even said this boy is easily fall in love with girls. Countdown show, and had only appeared on their charts a month after the album release. So the competition surely heating up.

He used to call his girls while waiting in dressing room. And kpop group's live's in dorm's because of there tight schedule, they sometime's have them from weary early morning to late night midnight at time's plus they have training. Also, they live together in dorms in order to build teamwork and its easier to get to their schedules as a group. She said the real leader is actually Heechul.

But Yoona is actually a very picky person after she got famous well. So I guess most of the postings that state Onew is kinda depressed is not that wrong at all. Hyoyeon is actually a huge fans of Big Bang. Oh yes, Tiff is really a religious Christians. Not sure if the are still but yes, many idols are intimidated by Kahi.

The Secrets of KPOP Idols

Individual artists Idol groups. In a week she can have like dating invitation. Idols do dating each other.

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Netizens reveal the TRUE DISTINCTION between SM YG and JYP

Netizens list the differences between the Big 3 agencies SM YG JYP

The company has developed and popularized numerous K-pop stars with huge global fandoms. How can you guys believe what you read so easily? He was more friendly before.

  • And these stories could or could not be true.
  • Why dont they have their own homes?
  • All of them, all of the idols, despite the bad character, are truly a hard working person.

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Why aren't Kpop stars not allowed to date? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Whether this is real or not.

YG Unfair Dating Bans

Victoria is also nice off the camera and Amber is a fun person. Yoochun is a simple guy and quite romantic. It is makes sense because their only possibility to have a love relationship with their crazy schedule is just within the label artist. That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it. Not separate that's stupid.

YG Unfair Dating Bans

K-POP Rumors

Why aren t Kpop stars not allowed to date

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The kpop industry is very strict on image for celebrities so it is very difficult to date. Glad someone remind me about this! He barely smile in the backstage.

SMENT family

The Gangnam-based academy is a collaborative venture with the private Jongro Sky Academy. And Yuri is pretty flirty to women, how to hook up in her sight. She said she believes the using of drugs in Kpop is increased following the incresing popularity of Kpop world wide. The real Hyuna is not bitchy at all. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread.

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