Top 5 senior dating sites, 10 best dating sites (2019)

Is there enough men like this floating around on dating sites, that a fellow like me is easily discarded. Again, they have been accused of keeping expired profiles up to try to make it appear that their membership is larger than it actually is. They could still make many millions with an honest and well run site, but evidently greed wins out. All that counts in this society is money. So us older women are ignored there, too.

Said she still had feelings for a man she had an affair with after her divorce. Why would both of these ladies keep their profile up if their story were true? No, fat girl dating social experiment I am not talking about sitting all day in a rocker and playing dead.

  • Then they are looking for anyone as a nurse or a purse.
  • The community of Dating forseniors is over the age of fifty as well, as the previous company.
  • And saying this I would ask you a question what dating site or sites would you highly recommend versus others?
  • Sounds not that cool if you want a more serious relationship.
  • She assumed she was making the right choice, but within the first day, she regretted her decision.
Top 5 senior dating sites

Top 5 Canadian Senior Dating Sites

Look for a guy who has worked on himself, to become a better person. You also get a flood of really dumb stuff from OurTime, notifications if a guy merely looks at your profile, etc. If u are not into the guy, pay your own way on the date and move on down the line. At our age we should have experience enough life to know what basically is negotiable vs is nonnegotiable. Would love to meet a man with honest values and one who is capable of making a commitment.

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Senior Planet

Nice to meet you here its possible for us to know more about our self so may i have your email or Hangout and whats-app over here then we talk more. They have made it easy for senior singles to meet their perfect match and relationship. Had chemistry on first date. Same old photos, same old blah blah blah. Heck, I took a several years break and it has just become worse.

  1. You seem pretty well educated in this area.
  2. It seems however that men my age want someone in the bracket.
  3. Look for a guy who knows how to treat a woman.
  4. So they are now the same site with the brand name ourtime.
  5. Phil, you sound really nice and sincere.
  6. The larger issue is how men get to be the way they are.

Oh, I must add that I am male. Love long walks on the beach with an intelligent man to talk to. So, trying to find a decent man is like trying to find a decent job. Most men never learn how to be friends first with women.

Top Dating Sites Compared. Not all women on these sites are prizes either. They want an alpha male to tower over them, their mythical hero should be protective of them.


Many people wonder why so many members on the sites are shady or phony. The scammers are everywhere on all of these sites. You need to pay for a membership to make real contact with other members you are interested in.

10 Best Dating Sites (2019)

You can share ideas and communicate with other singles through their live chat. Needless to say I am taking a break and focusing on me. Our expert ratings are based on factors such as popularity, usability, value, and success rate of each site. However, i do realize that ladies have issues regarding security, I do get that.

My effort to stop these contacts was thwarted by their policies. The profiles may be old or fabricated. We would weed out those that are not serious about a relationship or companionship? The men that I have corresponded with have not been anything to write home about.

Top 5 senior dating sites
Top 5 senior dating sites

It has helped many seniors find their lover. If not, I hope you found the women you wanted and are happy. The points mentioned above are not meant to scare or put you off online dating!

But worst of all, their Search program is virtually worthless. Yet another gal came in to ask my age and I told her someone already had taken that information. We know they are out there somewhere, but it is frustrating slashing through the ignorant ones to find the good one.

It might be quite nice, not sure how women would feel about this, but have the dating site strictly for senior women. Senior sites should have an age floor. If you are the one of the senior singles who is looking, then this site would be your choice. By all evidence most are written by the dating sites themselves, and conveniently put their site at the top.

It seems unrealistic for my friend and others like her to look into every single one of them. Husband passed away in from lung failure. Try to get back on there and it is next to impossible. You have to look at these sites in the right way. Almost dread starting all over again with the new site.

Seniors Meet at Senior Match

Excellent list of dating sites, I have tried okcupid. The problem for women is our age. It was nice and has potential. The good thing about senior dating sites is that they are not only a good way to find new romances and relationships but also find new friends. You know the old saying, about the hand that rocks the cradle can change the world?

If you can get a clone made of you laughing then tell him to send me an e-mail so we can see if we have anything in common. You might be right in general terms, but I want to grow old with someone who will be facing the same things at the same time as I will. Second date was scheduled. They claim and advertise things that are not true! Huskies are very beautiful and talkers.

Top 5 senior dating sites

If you live anywhere by me send me a note and maybe we can get to be good friends and who knows. Whichever country your search for love takes you to, we hope you have a great journey and wish you all the best. Now as a male you can be persistent and you may be fortunate. Again, tomboys they let all ages join.

This to me was meaningless and intrusive. They pro rated my account and did refund a portion of my money, which I appreciated. Just stumbled upon this site, loving it. That said, the odds on dating sites count against me and make success a needle in a haystack. So depressing and frustrating.

Top 5 Online Dating Sites for Seniors

Online dating and safety

If I am seeking a best friend, free indian dating sites in then I will look in the areas where I am going to have a good time too. Most men are too concerned with sex as if sex is the answer to everything. You must be a tall man or it becomes even less hopeful. What is the age range you would like to date in? Let me know your status if you want to.

Top 5 Canadian Senior Dating Sites

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